Our Favorite Cocktails of the Summer

Our Favorite Cocktails of the Summer

Nothing says summer like a margarita and we enjoyed more than a few of Galaxie Bar's famous margaritas this summer. Want to learn from an expert how to make a praise-worthy cocktail? Join Galaxie Bar's own Doug Petry for our Master Mixologist class Wednesday, September 27th. 

While you wait for the 27th to arrive, join us in saying farewell to some of our favorite cocktails of the summer. 

Getting into Juicing? Try These 3 Tips!

Getting into Juicing? Try These 3 Tips!

We are so in love with the new Weekly Juicery location in NuLu, but we can't always get over there. So we asked Dr. Troy to give us some tips for getting the most out of juicing when we're juicing at home. And we're totally sharing them with all of you. But if you really want to be an expert in juicing and blending, you should take Dr. Troy's class next Wednesday. There's still a few spots left. Read on.

A Merlot Mini-Lesson by Louvino's Sommelier

A Merlot Mini-Lesson by Louvino's Sommelier

Hi Louisville! 👋 Next Tuesday we're bringing you "Mortgages & Merlot" taught by mortgage gurus Andrew and John from Park Community Credit Union. If you find mortgages mystifying – #ItsMe – then go ahead and grab your seat now.

Also, we're super excited that Louvino Douglass Hills will be playing host. So, we reached out to Daniel Serpi, their sommelier (That's French for "wine expert"), for a mini-lesson on merlot.

Lexington-We're Hiring!

Lexington! We're looking for a Community Manager to join the Level Up Team. 

This is a flexible partl-time role; you’ll have the freedom to make your own schedule, but should plan for the majority of your workday to be in normal business hours and for several hours each week to be spent helping with classes on weekday evenings (T,W,Thu and an occasional Saturday morning if need). However, your exact schedule is flexible and we want your work to feel more like play! The community manager is also a results-oriented role; you’ll be driving growth for your market, working closely with our core team to develop and execute a strategy for your city.  As a start up, we want you to grow with us so for the first 6 months we are offering this as an independent contractor position, our hope is that you help us shape the role and community and we can provide a place for you to thrive, learn, collaborate and connect with our team and with the makers, entrepreneurs and people of your community.

Other things to expect:

·       Opportunity to be a part of a quickly growing start-up and the ability to have a voice and role in that growth.

·       Incredible networking opportunities with a wide range of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives in your community.

·       A positive, supportive and collaborative team culture.

·       More free classes than you knew you wanted!

Our team is growing but spread out across multiple locations; although you’ll likely be our only full-time employee in your city, you’ll be in contact with the full team on a consistent basis. You can also expect weekly virtual meetings, calls and regular opportunities to stay connected with the greater team.


Lastly, if you are interested in the job and want to apply, please reply to this email attach your resume, and answer these four questions:

1.      Why are you interested in working with us?

2.     What qualities would you bring to the Level Up team?

3.     What experience do you have that makes you a great fit for this specific role?

4.     What do you love most about your city?

If you're interested, please email hi@leveluplou.com with your resume and answers to the questions above! 

Macrame is BACK!

Macrame is BACK!

What's old is new again and that's why, next Wednesday, we're putting on a macrame class in Lexington, Kentucky at the very cool shared space seventh + lime. The class will be led by Maddison Wilkerson of West Domestic. Let's talk about what macrame is and why you're going to be down to give it a try.

Level Up Lexington - Try Something New Near You

Level Up Lexington - Try Something New Near You

Over the summer we held a few pop up classes in Lexington, KY. They were super popular, so we've decided to make it official with "Level Up Lexington." Lexington friends, y'all can follow us on Instagram at @LevelUpLex. Read on to learn more about the local experts who'll be leading a class near you!

4 of Our Favorite Ways to Find Inspiration

4 of Our Favorite Ways to Find Inspiration

The kids are back in school and now it's time to recenter and refocus on you. Our August #LevelUpYear post is here to help you find inspiration that can help you renew your dedication to your goals. 

Best House Flip Before and After Pics

Best House Flip Before and After Pics

Louisville, next Thursday father-daughter duo Barlow and Brenna Books are leading another "Flipping A House 101" class at Monnik. To get you ready for all of their amazing tips and tricks for flipping a house, we want to share the best of Brenlow Properties before and after pics. You're not going to believe what they can do to make an old house feel brand new again!

5 Tips For Baking The Best Cookies

5 Tips For Baking The Best Cookies

Hey Louisville! We're so excited to offer a Cookie Decorating class with Maddie Marcum of Maddie's Cookie  Co. next Thursday, August 10th (And in Lexington in September!). So, what better time than this weekend to perfect your cookie baking technique? We rounded up the Internet's five best cookie baking tips. And if you find yourself with some extra cookies on your hand, we're sure we can find some folks at Story Louisville who can help you out with those ;). 

Louisville in Lexington: Your Guide to Lexington

Louisville in Lexington: Your Guide to Lexington

Level Up had a great time in Lexington in June and we can’t wait to get back! You can stay up-to-date on upcoming Lexington classes on our website. Lexington is a little more than an hour away, but it feels like an entirely different world! Check out some of our favorite Lexington spots and our recommendations for feeling like a Lexington Insider.

Cute Planner Ideas for 2017-2018

Cute Planner Ideas for 2017-2018

Hey Louisville & Lexington! This month’s #LevelUpYear post is all about planners – The cuter the better! You planner pros probably already bought yours in January, but for everyone else, July is the perfect month to buy a new planner. This month is when planner makers release their 2017 - 2018 planners  for the the academic year. You can even get a 2017 - 2019 planner, if you want your next one to start with January.

(M)Eat Local: Humane, Ethical, Responsibly Sourced Meat in Louisville

One of Foxhollow Farm's major passions in life is sourcing Louisville with 100% grass-fed beef. And she’s not alone in her mission to put mindful meat on your plate. Here are a few other places around Louisville to experience high-quality, responsibly-raised meat.

What You Need to Know About Modern Embroidery

What You Need to Know About Modern Embroidery

Louisville, it’s official – Embroidery is cool again. The New York Times Style Magazine called it last summer when Rachelle Hruska MacPherson’s early attempt at the art morphed into a side business selling $350 sweaters to celebrities and everyday folks with an eye for the fresh and fancy.

We are on TV!! - Great Day Live!

We were so super excited and honored to have had the opportunity to be on WHAS11's Great Day Live! this week to share a little bit about our mission to Connect, Inspire and Educate.  We were Joined by our Teachers and incredible host partners Shannon and Colleen (Primp Style Boutique) and the sweetest girls and their dad to help us give a sneak peek of our Daddy Daughter Braiding Class. 

It was a hectic morning and my first time on a TV set so I walked in super nervous, also (because Murphy's Law) there was a massive traffic accident on the highway, I parked my car in front of the studio with 3 minutes to spare and what do you know? My freaking debit card got completely lodge in the parking meter and WOULD NOT come out!!! so needless to say I left in there, crossed my fingers and ran for it!  

I was met by a super sweet lady who promptly took me backstage and hurriedly took me inside for a quick "wave to the camera" moment seconds after.  My hands were sweating and I was nervous but once it was our turn Terri and Mel (the hosts) made us feel super comfortable and everything went without a hitch :) All in all I'm feeling extremely grateful and excited to be able to share what we are doing here at Level Up with so many people.  Here is the clip from the show and some behind the scenes images we took backstage, I hope you enjoy it! 

Teacher Profile: Maggie Keith, Director of Foxhollow Farm


The first in a four part series, Maggie Keith talks about how at 22-years-old her business plan and her mother's dream to heal the land have driven the mission behind Foxhollow Farms for the last 10 years, what drives her, and her philosophy in life.


A self-proclaimed farm girl, Maggie is a 4th generation steward of Foxhollow Farm. She is passionate about supporting farmers, providing the Louisville community with 100% grassfed beef and inviting folks out to Foxhollow's annual Fall Festival and concert series.

During the growing season, you’ll find her out in the garden and learning with the partner growers at Foxhollow Farm. Maggie is a graduate of the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University and serves as a board member for Dare to Care Food Bank and Slow Food Bluegrass. You can also watch Maggie and her partner Lindsey on their Cooking show The Farmer And The Foodie. 

Be sure to check back on the blog next week for the second part of this series where Maggie talks about overcoming obstacles as a woman entrepreneur, monetizing her passion and why she has the best job in the world.

From My Desk : Happy 1st Birthday Level Up!

Exactly a year ago, I nervously, and frantically, texted everyone I knew hoping I could fill  a room for our first ever class.  I went down my contacts list pitching "A fun night of learning and drinks" to my friends and family and people I'd come to know from my many years in the wedding photography industry and working in Butchertown.  

As familiar faces started to arrive and excitedly congratulated me, I somehow knew even if it all failed, Level Up was gonna be a fun ride. The fear melted, the excitement set in, and I buckled up for the ride.

 That first class was a Thursday afternoon and my friend Jen from Copper & Kings had taken a chance on me and agreed to host a Mixology class. I didn't have a teacher in mind, but when the idea first came to me – In the shower I may add! – I  to emailed Chef Bobby at Butchertown Grocery. We had met in passing at a neighborhood association meeting earlier in the year. We were familiar with each other, but he didn't know me from Adam.

I told him about the Level Up concept and asked if he'd be willing to let me borrow one of his bartenders for a couple of hours halfway thinking he'd completely dismiss my request. But here is the beautiful thing about the creative community in Louisville, he didn't just send A bartender, he sent THA Bartender: Beverage Director Nic Christiansen who manages the bar for both Butchertown Grocery and Lola. Nic completely shattered my expectations and paved the way for the rest of our teachers. Chef Bobby personally came to wish me luck, hand deliver and set up a few charcuterie trays for our students.

From that day on, the process became less about the classes themselves and all about the people.  In the last year, I've watched in awe as we've brought together over 450 students, 34 of the most talented makers and creatives in the city and hosted classes in some of the most amazing spaces around town.  

We've grown from a one-man-show to a three member team, and a with the help of a handful of amazing freelancers, we've gone from five classes a month to a July 2017 roster of almost five times as many classes – And we're not stopping there! We've narrowed our focus even further and re-defined our mission. We  want to "connect, educate and Inspire women" through our pop-up classes, our website, blog content and expansion into a new city – We're doing our first pop-ups in Lexington later this month (Join us!).

In this first year, I've had the privilege of witnessing people sharing their passion, connecting in meaningful ways over a new skill and exploring their own sense of curiosity. But it doesn't end there. 

This sense of accomplishment, this happiness, it spreads like wildfire and rushes into every other aspect of our lives. Our students are having a blast learning new things and being together, but we're the lucky ones who get to be involved in this movement, the community they bring and the inspiration that flourishes in them.  As we start year two, my only hope is that we can continue nourishing these relationships, highlighting our local makers, creatives and businesses and spread the joy. 

With love and appreciation always, 



Social Media tips with Karla Murphy (Kre8 Communications)

We are so excited for our first vlog post dedicated to small business owners,  we know there are so many of you makers and shakers out there who have been clamoring for help on your social media endeavors so we've partnered up with the amazing Karla Murphy to bring you her top 5 social media tips to create engagement on your accounts! 

Wanna hear more? Karla is teaching all about social media planning and scheduling with Hootsuite on her next class so don't miss it, you can sign up here!   We can't wait to see you there!

7 Fun Louisville Summer Camps for 2017

Louisville, KY schools are out for the summer! You know what that means, it’s time to pick out a summer camp. Whether your kid is athletic, artsy or a social butterfly, there’s a camp that’s just right for your child. Level Up Lou has rounded up a few that might be a good fit – Including one of our own.