Time to Start Thinking Christmas Cards

I know, I know! We just started really getting into Fall and now we're asking you to think about the holidays. But really, if you want to send out the perfect family photo this December, you've got to get started now. Which is why Natalia Bishop herself is doing a Christmas Card edition of her super popular Photography Basics class Tuesday, October 24th at Black Acre Conservancy. In this class, Natalia is going to teach you everything you need to know about rocking your DSLR camera like a pro. Plus, you're going to get all of this know-how on 300 acres of beautiful nature preserve. But if you really want the perfect family photo this holiday season, you're going to need to know about more than just your camera. We've rounded up a few tips on how to capture the holiday spirit with your dearest loved ones.

Matching Outfits Aren't a Must

As you plan the attire for your family photos, to create a modern, timeless look, skip the matching outfits and plan for a cohesive look instead.

  • Wear colors that complement each other
  • Have an accent color that ties everything together
  • Be sure everyone in the photo is dressed for the same season
  • Keep accessories light and tasteful

Prep Ahead a Time

I hope you love list because you should make one to help you plan your family photo. 

  • Block out a few hours on a specific date and time. When choosing when to have your photo session take into consideration lighting, crowds, weather and, most importantly, nap time.
  • Make sure you've already booked all of the appointments that are going to have you looking your best like a trip to the hairdresser, the nail shop or even your dentist for a teeth whitening session.
  • Look into how long it's going to take to have your cards printed. People might be confused to receive your holiday card in February.

Leave Room for Error

Every pro photographer will tell you that shoots rarely go as planned. So, a little patience can go a long way.

  • Kids are known to get cranky during photo sessions, so be sure to get started early enough in the season that you can do a backup shoot day if necessary.
  • Candids and spontaneous moments often make for the best photos. So, if things get off track, just go with it.
  • Everything doesn't have to be perfect in the photo; don't be afraid to let your family's personality shine through.

Got Your Camera Ready?

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