Cute Planner Ideas for 2017-2018

Hey Louisville & Lexington! This month’s #LevelUpYear post is all about planners – The cuter the better! You planner pros probably already bought yours in January, but for everyone else, July is the perfect month to buy a new planner. This month is when planner makers release their 2017 - 2018 planners  for the the academic year. You can even get a 2017 - 2019 planner, if you want your next one to start with January.

Why You Need a Planner

Does this sound like you?

  • You have 1,001 things you need to remember

  • At the end of every month you’re amazed by how fast the weeks flew by

  • You’re trying to start a new hobby but can’t find the time

  • You write little notes and to-do lists all over the place (and lose them!)

Yes? You need a planner. A planner will help you stay organized, make it easy to see where your blocks of free time are and keep all of your important notes and to-dos in one place. The other cool thing about keeping a planner is being able to look back through it at the end of the year and see all the things you got done.

Styles of Planners

You can definitely roll over to OfficeMax or Target to get your planner, but be warned – There are a lot of options! So you don’t get overwhelmed, it helps to have an idea of what type of planner you want before you go. The most common styles are:

  • Monthly - Just one big month spread

  • Weekly - Days of the week spread across two pages

  • Daily - Each page is dedicated to a single day

  • Hourly - Each day is broken out by hour 

Some other things you might want to consider is whether you need space for a to-do list, if your planner needs a built-in folder for odds and ends, if you should get spiral bound so it lays flat, etc.

Cute Planners

This floral desk blotter would add a burst of summer to your office year-round. I’ve also been known to hang a desk blotter up like a wall calendar so I can see everything I’ve got going on easier.

Is there anything cuter than succulents right now? Our last succulent class sold out, so we’re going to go with no! This Paper Source succulent themed planner is completely customizable.

And you can’t talk planners without bringing up planner goddess Erin Condren. Bascially every sorority in America swears by these planners. I treated myself to one – No regrets!

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 9.29.29 AM.png

Decorate Your Planner

If you’re super artsy (And if you’re a LevelUpper you probably are or at least you're trying to be!), you can make your own stickers for your planner with this Xyron sticker maker.

This planner starter pack has everything you need to make your planner pretty and keep your stuff together.

If you want to use highlighters in your planner, go for gel. Gel doesn’t bleed through and there’s lots of neon and pastel choices to choose from.

There’s special tape for planners that lifts up easy and won’t leave any residue behind. I bought this stack of glitter tapes and they really brighten my day when I open my planner. The “skinny” size works best when you’ve got limited space.

Did we miss anything? Share your fave planners and accessories on Instagram – Don’t forget to use our hashtag: #levelupyear.