Our Favorite Cocktails of the Summer

Nothing says summer like a margarita and we enjoyed more than a few of Galaxie Bar's famous margaritas this summer. Want to learn from an expert how to make a praise-worthy cocktail? Join Galaxie Bar's own Doug Petry for our Master Mixologist class Wednesday, September 27th. 

While you wait for the 27th to arrive, join us in saying farewell to some of our favorite cocktails of the summer. 

Louvino Frosé

Frosé was the adult-beverage of the summer. And is there a better way to indulge in frosé than on Louvino Douglass Hill's patio? We doubt it.

Feast BBQ Bourbon Slushy

There's a few different places around town that you can cool down with a Bourbon slushy, but we're fairly partial to our NuLu neighbors Feast BBQ. Luckily, their Bourbon slushies make appearances all year long.

Garage Bar Tiki Cocktail

We're not sure who officially won the NuLu Luau Tiki Cocktail challenge, but Garage Bar definitely got our vote. Their smooth, creamy tropical concoction already has us looking forward to next summer.

Lupo Sgroppino

Lupo is the new kid on the block on the Louisville restaurant scene. but they arrive with enough time to give us this Italian prosecco-based dream. We'll miss your frothy goodness, sgroppino!

River House Carmelized Pineapple Piña Colada

River House's spin the classic cocktail the Piña Colada transported us from the banks of the Ohio River to the beaches of the Caribbean. And of course we drank it out on their spacious bi-level patio.

What were your favorite cocktails of the summer? Let us know on our Facebook page.