A Merlot Mini-Lesson by Louvino's Sommelier

Hi Louisville! 👋 Next Tuesday we're bringing you "Mortgages & Merlot" taught by mortgage gurus Andrew and John from Park Community Credit Union. If you find mortgages mystifying – #ItsMe – then go ahead and grab your seat now. Also, we're super excited that Louvino Douglass Hills will be playing host. So, we reached out to Dan Serpi, their sommelier (That's French for "wine expert"), for a mini-lesson on merlot.

Image courtesy of Louvino

Image courtesy of Louvino

What Makes Merlot So Good?

Dan describes merlot as:

  • Soft
  • Smooth
  • Approachable

Easy Wine for Beginner Wine Drinkers

So, even if you're a beginner wine drinker, you shouldn't feel intimidated ordering a glass of merlot. For the more experienced drinkers, according to Dan, you'll find "it never has too much of a tannin or body structure, but still has plenty of fruit notes like plum, blackberry and cherry to excite all types of palates."

Goes Great with Meals

Dan also says merlot is a solid wine choice to go with a meal, "Merlot is not as bold or structured as cabernet, but still stands up to foods such as steaks, pizzas or heavier sauces. It's a versatile wine that can be used in many areas of a dining experience from cooking, sipping on it's own or paired with your favorite dishes."

Widely Available

If you fall in love with merlot, Dan says it's a wine you'll always be able to find, "Merlot is also very available wine, the grape is grown all over the world, and is used to make merlot wines, as well as many blended varieties of wines that need a softer touch for the final product."


Lastly, Dan asks, "What’s not to love about a smooth, flavorful, easy-going glass of wine for any occasion?" Good question, Dan. Louisville, fall in love with merlot and learn all you need to know about mortgages this upcoming Tuesday. Enroll now.