Photography Basics-Rock Your Christmas Card Edition!

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Photography Basics-Rock Your Christmas Card Edition!

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Tuesday, October 10th 2017 @ 6:30 PM


Natalia Bishop ( ChocolateBox Photography)


Blackacre Conservancy


Do you have an awesome DSLR sitting at home but keep using it on auto and you can't get your images looking quite right?  Have you tried watching youtube tutorials and tweaking the settings, but things aren't quite "clicking"? (get it??! ha!) Then this class is for you! Join the ridiculously talented Natalia Bishop as she takes you through a journey on how to Rock your camera and take killer photos!

Over the course of an hour and a half you'll learn the basics like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, and will learn how different settings impact your pictures. In the second half of the class we'll go outside for structured, hands-on practice behind the lens and in this special edition we will focus on how to get the perfect portrait for your christmas card and have plenty of time for Q&A. You'll leave class with the ability to shoot with your camera on manual mode, letting you make creative decisions about each image you make.


This class is all about practicing as you learn so be sure to bring your DSLR and lenses!


$35 - EARLY BIRD PRICING ($10 off regular price if you sign up right now, or before October 4th)
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